Watch this woman narrate one of the most heartrending story on this program as she  alleges and narrates injustice done to her and her family. According to her narration, she said they were all seated in their house one day when a police SARS came to urinate at their house area, that her sister in-law tried to correct that action by simply asking him not to urinate there next time but was replied with a slap that made her run to her father to report the issue so in anger her father stepped out to meet the police SARS only to be slapped as well. This made her husband step out to resolve the issue with the police SARS as he got back the stick taken from his father.

According to her, the police SARS came back with other SARS members in four (4) vehicle one hour later to confront them as they started beating her father in-law and when she ran out to see what was going on, her husband was trying to stop them while they tried to arrest her husband but he refused saying he didn’t do anything until she pleaded with him to follow them, giving them his hand. She said he consented and was about to enter the van when one of the SARS stopped him and hit his head hard on the edge of the van causing severe injury on his head as they drive out. She also said that they got to the station and while writing a statement, she heard her husband’s cry before they broke the news to her of her husband’s death, that her effort to get justice ever since have proven abortive.