This video features a group of individuals who claim to serve as class assistants in a school. They allege that the school administration has neglected to hire dedicated cleaners for sanitation purposes, compelling them to perform cleaning duties in addition to their assigned roles. Their primary grievance revolves around their alleged unjust dismissal from the school without prior justification. According to the complainants, the sole reason provided for their termination was their purported failure to clean the school toilets. They argue that cleaning the toilets is not within their designated responsibilities.

Furthermore, the complainants contend that a portion of their monthly salary is deducted under the guise of pension contributions, but this deducted amount is not being deposited into their pension accounts.

Upon learning of these allegations, Consultant Iyke took the initiative to contact the respondent, who is identified as the head teacher of Life Gate Academy. Following a thorough conversation between Consultant Iyke and the head teacher, it was mutually agreed that a meeting would be arranged with the individuals in question to explore potential resolutions to the ongoing issue.