In this video, a young couple shares their heartfelt experience of being allegedly defrauded of 11 million naira by a woman they initially believed to be a woman of God. The story dates back to 2019 when the fiancée expressed his intention to seek a visa agent for his plans to travel to any European country. The woman in question purportedly suggested Canada as the ideal destination, emphasizing potential career sponsorship for the man’s football aspirations.

As the narrative unfolds, the couple recounts how the woman gradually escalated her financial demands, starting from N150,000 and eventually reaching a staggering sum of over 11 million naira. Contrary to their expectations, the couple claims that their actual destination was not Gambia but another country, Canada. Allegedly, upon arrival, the woman arranged their accommodation in a hotel and then purportedly abandoned them, leaving them to face numerous challenges for the seven months they spent there. The couple describes a situation where the conditions they encountered did not align with what they had paid for.

Upon their return to Nigeria, the couple sought a refund from the woman, who allegedly refused to comply. Furthermore, they assert that she conspired with her brother to extort more money from them, even attempted in using Brekete Family’s name to scam and scare them.

They said they went to force headquarters’ with the case and they write a petition of which they were later send to area 10 fir follow up of the case. so consultant ask them wait and see if the force headquarters are working or the case or not before knowing if further action would be taken.