A pathetic case is shared in this video as the woman who sits narrates a trafficking experience of her half sister. She alleged that her half sister travelled to Dubai to get a job as a maid, only to get there and the promised job turns out to be prostitution which she refuses to comply with and instead ran from them. According to her, she wasn’t even aware of her half sister’s travel until when her life became threatened.

She said, she only knew of when her half sister travelled to Lagos to meet her other sister of which she speaks with them occasionally unknown to her of their plan for the youngest one to travel out for a job until all has been done and her life was on the line for it. She said her half sister had escaped from the traffickers on realizing the kind of job they were offering and had gone to hide in a friend’s place where she was planning  to return back to Nigeria. Unfortunately, she had an issue with this friend, it made her friend disclose her hide out to the traffickers who held her captive requesting consecutive ransom to keep her half sister alive as they accuse her of theft.