A heartrending story is shared in this video where lessons can also be learnt from. According to who brought in this case of a little boy, he alleged to have found this little boy in his church begging him for money to eat, which he gave the little boy to satisfy his hunger before asking him of his parents when the boy began to narrate his story.

The boy alleged to have been maltreated by his own parents as he claims they don’t feed him well and locked him up in a room to fast for his test and exam. He also said his body was beginning to shake out of hunger that made him break out of the house to get what to eat to survive when his parents went out.

His parents where given the opportunity to speak and they both claim to be good parents training their children properly and feeding them three times a day (although looking at the boy, the reverse seems to be the case). They also say the boy keeps begging, bringing shame to them which is what they want to fast and pray out of him.