This video recounts the compelling story of Amina Abubakar Sai’du, who claimed that her husband, Corporal Sai’du Abubakar, a police officer, passed away on November 8, 2013. In her detailed account, Amina shared that four months after her husband’s demise, she visited the police division in the Ikorodu area, where he served. Allegedly, she was given N30,000 and instructed to deliver certain letters to the Ikeja area command, which she diligently carried out.

According to her narrative,  she then proceeded to the Oduduwa police station in Lagos, and after two years, she received N50,000 as part of her late husband’s cooperative and N40,000 from an insurance payout. She further revealed that the police owed her husband three months’ salary before his death, which was eventually paid two years later, amounting to N200,000. However, the burial rights remained unpaid.

Despite Mrs.  Amina’s relentless efforts over five years, she faced challenges in obtaining the owed benefits. Eventually, someone advised her to bring her case to the attention of the Brekete Family, and she traveled from Lagos to share her plight. The Ordinary President expressed deep concern for the difficulties faced by Amina and lamented the state of affairs within the Nigerian Police. While acknowledging the challenges, he assured Amina that he would do his best to assist her in retrieving the money owed to her husband, though he couldn’t guarantee justice.

In a compassionate gesture, the Ordinary President pledged support to the widowed woman. He promised to provide transportation for her and her two children to return to Lagos. Additionally, he committed to supporting her business by providing capital and ensuring the well-being of  Mrs. Amina and her children. And on that very day he gave her the sum of N50,000 aside the capital promised.

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