This video shares a deeply emotional tale of a woman who claims that in 2021, she and her husband engaged an individual, facilitated by a woman, to assist them in obtaining a family visa to Canada. According to her account, this intermediary asked for a payment of 6 million naira for the service. Initially, they paid a deposit of 1.5 million naira, and were assured that the approved visa would be obtained within four months, after which they would settle the remaining balance.

Regrettably, the woman asserts that they lost contact with this intermediary for six months, only to hear back from him later. At this point, he revealed that he would not be accepting the initially agreed-upon 1.5 million naira as the balance; instead, he informed them that the new total was 12 million naira. It was during this tumultuous period that he instructed them to come to Abuja for visa processing. However, during their journey to Abuja, an unfortunate incident occurred – their child was shot in Okene, Kogi State.

Amidst dealing with this distressing situation and caring for her injured child at the hospital, the woman received an unexpected call from the police. The call informed her that a petition had been filed against her related to the visa matter. She goes on to recount the harrowing challenges she and her daughter have faced during this ordeal. It’s revealed that she turned to the “Brekete Family” to seek assistance through the intermediary to cover her child’s medical expenses and to retrieve her family’s passports, which were still with the aforementioned visa agent.