The woman in this video alleged that her husband left their house on a bike to another place to work and since then he have been missing. According to her, she alleged that her husband had traveled to go for a work and was expected to return after the work. She said they didn’t find him on the day he is expected to arrive and she reported the case to her brother in law who was surprised to hear her say that after he spoke with him not long when he said he is returning.

The brother in law was opportune to speak and he alleged to have spoken with his brother before he embarked on his return journey which he wished him a safe journey on. He also said later on, his brother’s wife called him saying she’s yet to see her husband and then it became known as a missing case. He said they had gone to the hospital to check if there’s an emergency case but couldn’t find his brother there until they sort spiritual help where they learnt his brother is still alive.