First Bank Nigeria stole my N68.9 Million Naira and refunded N51.9 Million. (I want my balance)

Represented by a family friend, a woman alleges that her 68 million naira was stolen from her first bank account. She alleges to have travelled out of the country for 18 years, where she have been working and making her savings in her first bank account the Edo branch in Nigeria. According to her, she have saved up to 68 million naira in her account only to find out that her account was empty when she wants to get her money. Calling into the program to report this case, she was asked to send in a representative to physically report the case to brekete family to which a family friend did for her and with the intervention of the brekete family, she got back 51.9 million naira which became frozen without her knowledge as she couldn’t access her account saying the bank asks her to fill some forms and submit a utility bills.

She said, after first agreeing to accept her address abroad, they later called back to reject her address abroad saying they want her Nigerian address knowing she haven’t been in Nigeria for years.