Watch how this man narrates a pathetic experience he had with the Ethiopian airline costing his psychological state. According to him, he boarded an Ethiopian airline from Dubai to Abuja in November 2022 at about 5-6pm, saying the airline had its first stop in Ababa that evening in Ethiopia where the misery began as they stopped there to continue the flight the next day. Unfortunately, during the search to board the plane again the following day, he was search and found to be in possession of 80,000 dollars which was collected from him. Giving him 10,000 dollars, they kept back 70,000 dollars claiming it’s illegal to move with such amount of money so they seized his money.

Refusing to leave there without his money, he insisted on getting back his money in full so he was taken to their station where he made a statement and was prosecuted. He alleged to have been kept in their station for 40 days agonizing over the situation even as they kept proceeding back and forth with his case in court, yet nothing came out as he didn’t get back his money but rather made unplanned expenses so he found a way to return back to Nigeria and gain mental stamina as he was traumatized. In seeking justice he ran to the brekete family explaining how futile his efforts so far has been.