This video captures a pathetic case of some police officers both young and old who alleges to have been unlawfully dismissed from service. According to their individual narration, the first person alleges to have gotten some days off leave during when he enrolled for a seminary school that led to his dismissal. The second man speaks of an unlawful allegation concerning theft against him that led to his dismissal from the police force as he alleges that he was accused of the loss of some properties that are currently in the police custody. The third man alleges that he was dismissed for the allegation of being in possession of some money they found in the bush which he claims to be false. The fourth man alleging to work as a driver to an inspector says they were on a particular journey which the destination was not disclosed to him and when they got to a point where they were searched, they found some amount with the inspector in the vehicle and from there his name was added to the list of officers who got dismissed. They all took turns narrating their unlawful dismissal in details appealing to the brekete family to intervene on their behalf so they get justice.