The young girl featured in this video was brought to the Brekete Family by a compassionate individual who encountered her during his morning jog. Upon attempting to engage her in conversation about her situation, she remained silent. Seeking assistance, the Good Samaritan called the help of nearby vigilantes, but the girl still refrained from providing any useful information. Consequently, he decided to bring her to the Brekete Family in the hope that they could offer assistance.

During the interrogation led by the Ordinary President, the girl shared her story. She explained that she had been working hard to save money for her education, as her parents were unable to afford it. A friend then introduced her to a Civil Defense officer who offered her a position as a nanny in her household. Fortunately, the officer also enrolled her in school while she managed housekeeping duties and cared for the officer’s children.

The turning point leading to the girl’s maltreatment occurred during an argument between her and the Civil Defense officer. The disagreement arose from a misplaced phone that the officer had asked her to retrieve. When the phone couldn’t be located, accusations were exchanged, ultimately escalating into violence. The girl claimed that her madam accused her of disrespect, leading to the physical altercation she faced.

while the program was ongoing Mr. Magmus of NAPTIP  put a call across to the ordinary President that they’re taking charge of the case.

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