The program commenced with an uplifting and heartwarming sermon delivered by the Ordinary President, creating a positive atmosphere for the day’s proceedings. Subsequently, the focus shifted to a distressing case involving a woman whose husband, a money exchange personnel, fell victim to police officers. Acting on a distress call about a substantial currency exchange, he was instead arrested upon arrival at the location and subjected to mistreatment until his unfortunate demise. During the program, the Ordinary President engaged the Police Khaki to address the complaint, scheduling a meeting with the PPRO later in the day.

In the midst of these serious matters, the program also addressed a case update involving a lady who claimed to have invested in an online business called Q-net, only to discover it was a scam. Though she managed to recover her invested money with the assistance of the Ordinary President, she reported ongoing threats to her life from the individuals she lodged complaints against. In response, the Ordinary President advised her to report the threats to the appropriate authorities.

Moving on, the program delved into an update on a land dispute involving Mr. Adams and Tafa local government. The complainants asserted that they had purchased the land in Dakwa from a local resident, only to discover that it had been resold to another party. Barrister Ogo, spearheading the case through the intervention of the Ordinary President, provided an update, revealing that despite the impending sale of the land to a new buyer, the court-issued restraining order had effectively prevented anyone from accessing the property.

Next is the case update of one Mr. Abraham from Saburi I Fct Abuja against one Company called River Park company that they he allegedly accused of clearing his economic tree on his farm without due compensation, so he brought his plea to the brekete family to help him get justice and with the interference of the family he was able to start getting justice in regard to the case.

Continuing with the program, the next case addressed was a follow-up on Mr. Hayatu Yahaya, a truck driver involved in a motor accident in 2020. He alleged that he was left abandoned by the Chinese company for which he drove the truck. According to his account, he was on a company errand when the accident occurred. Seeking redress, he brought his complaint to the Brekete Family.

Consultant Iyke took the initiative to contact the head of the Chinese company on behalf of Mr. Hayatu Yahaya. However, the response from the Chinese company was that they preferred communication through their lawyer. Unfortunately, efforts to reach the said lawyer or establish contact with the Chinese company had proven futile since then, leading to a prolonged delay in resolving the case. So through the Ordinary President, a call was Again put across to the Lawyer to hear what they have to say in regards to the case but unfortunately ended the call when he heard it from the Brekete family.

The program came to an end as the Ordinary President engaged in a phone conversation with Dr. Jummai Ahmadu. During this segment, there was a notable emphasis on farming-related discussions. Additionally, comments from the YouTube live stream were read out, highlighting the interactive aspect of the program.