Today’s program started with the custom national pledge, followed by the serious-sounding wakeup call from the Ordinary President. He expressed concern about the prevalence of hook-up culture among young people, emphasizing that many are not contributing meaningfully to their own lives, families, and society at large—a departure from his daily advice. The Ordinary President acknowledged the difficulties faced by those involved in hookups but stressed that it’s not a justification for their actions.

The sermon that followed was directed primarily at the male gender, regardless of age or qualifications. The Ordinary President urged men to be more responsible, highlighting that merely possessing male anatomy doesn’t automatically make one a man. True manhood, he argued, is defined by shouldering responsibilities, and he noted that many women are enduring rather than enjoying their marriages.

The discussion then shifted to the establishment of NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) and the broken promises of employment made to its initial staff. Drawing a parallel, the Ordinary President mentioned the plight of Mr. Josiah Sati Nyelwat, a lecturer at Plateau State Polytechnic, who, after 16 years of service, was denied permanent employment and left to suffer following an accident on the job. The broader issues of ghost workers and systemic problems in Nigeria were also touched upon.

The first case involved a group representing over a million people from various parts of Nigeria, sub-contractors under 2000 companies. Despite investing 4.3 billion naira and successfully accomplishing a task in three years that the government couldn’t in seven, they were not paid for their services during Pantami’s tenure in the Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy. The Ordinary President promised intervention and called Hon. Dr. Olubunmi Tunji Ojo, expressing displeasure and requesting immediate action. A letter was to be sent to his office for further proceedings.

The second case concerned Baba Abraham’s update on his matter involving River Park Estate encroaching on his land. He claimed to have videos supporting his claim, and the Ordinary President’s sister, Dr. Jummai Amadu, was involved in handling the case.

The program came to a close with telephone calls from individuals in Nigeria and abroad. Some callers expressed grievances, while others called to appreciate the Ordinary President for his commendable work.

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