The Brekete Family program of 31st October 2023, began with a sermon by the Ordinary President who anchors the program as he speaks on measures to lead a good and peaceful life as well as having a calculated step towards life endeavors. Describing how children of this days have become promiscuous that they have been blinded by the insatiable thirst for wealth that they can do anything to get it. He likewise talks about employee’s conduct towards work and how committed they should be in there work spheres so as to add value to the organization. Afterwards, the ordinary President emphasized on Cervical cancer vaccine that he only use his medium(Brekete family program) to make the vaccine known to the people and that it is up to the citizens to decide if they wants to take it or not and that he is not forcing anybody to take the vaccine. Ordinary president proceeds with the case of a woman who came to updates the brekete family concerning her case on the alleged fraud and withdrawal of her money (14million naira) from her account. She briefly explains her case and the processes she went through to get back her money, despite having written to the bank to block her account the very first time she misplaced her phone. But surprisingly, she doesn’t know how her money still got missing having followed due process to block her account. An update of a young lady who brought a complain that her late father works with the Nigerian Prison and that they paid some part of the money (benefit) through the help of brekete family after eleven (11) years of trying to get the benefit and it remaining a balance up of eight hundred thousand naira. After getting it her older siblings were trying to maneuver the money claiming she’s a woman meanwhile she’s the sole pursuer of the benefits. She brought her mum to the studio to appreciates the ordinary president whom they have a very long talk with in the studio as she analyze and explain her sufferings from the beginning (in Igala language).