Beginning with the sermon given by Consultant Iyke, he speaks about making choices on what to say as individuals especially when speaking with others. He entertain contributions from Mr. Yanki and Daddy Scaffold who speaks briefly on the essence of being nice and showing love to first family, those close to us and generally humans. Consultant Iyke then opens the phone line to take in people’s opinion through calls.

Consultant Iyke began with the case of an elderly man who alleges to have worked with the ministry of social development and sports in Benue state Nigeria but was forcefully retired without being due for retirement. According to him, there was a rationalization exercise in the office to retire those due for retirement but he was unfortunately included in the list as he was only (25) years of age at the time working as the youth development assistant (III). Adding that although he and some others were reinstated for five months, still they got dismissed from service without the retirement benefits. Giving details of what happened to portray a case of administrative injustice. Consultant Iyke then calls the Benue state head of service on air and he picked but says he’s on transit and request to be called back the following day so Consultant Iyke suspends this man’s case until the following day to hear from the head of state in Benue state first then he opens the phone lines to briefly take calls and contributions over this case. In regards to this elderly man’s complaint, Mr. Lawal (the brekete family ambassador of Lagos state) offers him 20,000 naira financial support.

Then is the case of a widow who alleges that in October 1st, 2017 while in a Sunday service, her late husband who was an officer of the law, was called to duty due to a presidential movement that he attends to going to work that she even spoke with him and later on, she calls him severally but got no response up until the next day when she was called to a place that she sent her third child to where he discovered the body of his late dad (her late husband) lying lifeless with no knowledge of the cause of his death. She says the police force have given her family 150,000 naira for burial ever since the incidence and withdrew the deceased money worth 500,000 naira and handed over to them saying after that, the police is yet to give the family any death benefit neither have they divulge the cause of his death to the family. Consultant Iyke then calls a top officer on air who responds positively asking to see this widow and then opens the phone lines to take in calls as many call in to give their contribution and also lay their complaint. Mr Lawal (the brekete family ambassador from Lagos) still contributes 20,000 naira to a lady who calls in to solicit for help over the state of her health.

Then is the case of a young man who alleges that he lost his father in the police force while he was in active service and they are yet to get any benefit since 2007 the incident happened adding that his late father’s was shot. In regards to this, Consultant Iyke advises that he visits the police to get detailed information of documents needed to claims this right and also get the next of kin to his late father to get the benefits. In bringing the program to a close, Consultant Iyke takes the last case of a man who alleges that he does a POS business and got arrested when a criminal withdrawing was traced to his account saying a customer used a stolen ATM card to withdraw over 50,000 naira from his account leading to his arrest that puts him behind bars for three weeks before his relation came to bail him out, adding that the police collected 750,000 naira from him that seems unclear saying he also got arrested for another fours weeks on asking to see the victim and each time he request to see the victim, he was threatened with more jail terms.