The program kicked off with an impactful sermon delivered by the Ordinary President, setting the tone for the day’s proceedings. Following the sermon, the focus shifted to a compelling case update involving a woman who claimed that her husband divorced her just three weeks after the birth of their first child. The divorce was allegedly influenced by his Malam, who asserted that their stars were not aligned for a harmonious marriage. Shockingly, the man, in collaboration with another individual, later resorted to forging a document bearing the Brekete Family logo and the Nigeria coat of arm in an attempt to forcibly take custody of their child. With the assistance of the police and the Ordinary President, the woman successfully reclaimed her child, and the impostor was apprehended. In another poignant case, attention was drawn to a woman accused of witchcraft. The Ordinary President recounted the support provided to her and emphasized that she should be able to stand on her own after the assistance she had received. Continuing with the day’s program, the Ordinary President addressed a case update involving men from Kaduna who expressed gratitude for his assistance in recovering approximately twenty-eight children. These children had been handed over to a leader, or Sarki, who purportedly claimed to be enrolling them in a school but instead trafficked them. Police and NAPTIP Through the intervention of the Ordinary President, the children were rescued and reunited with their families, leading the men to visit the studio to extend their appreciation. Amidst these intense cases, a ginger farmer, one of the beneficiaries of organic fertilizer provided by the Ordinary President, visited the studio. He expressed gratitude for the bountiful harvest he experienced, showcasing evidence of the successful ginger yield. Lastly, the program addressed a case involving a man who alleged the theft of his intellectual property, Agrovest, by supposed partners. He narrated how he sought support from an organization called AFAN, intending to collaborate on a reality show. However, his partners allegedly betrayed him by implementing the idea without his knowledge, even changing its name from Agrovest to Agrivest. Seeking justice, he brought his plea to the Brekete Family studio.