The program commence with an inspiring sermon on self-awareness delivered by Mr. Kelechi Nkwocha. He underscored the significance of raising one’s awareness on various aspects of life. Mr. Nkwocha emphasized the need to understand not only one’s immediate surroundings but also the broader environment. He went on to advise individuals on the importance of continuous learning, stressing the value of staying informed about the ongoing transformations in the world so as not to be left behind. As he is rounding up his sermon the Ordinary president grace the program with his presence as he further adds up to the sermon given by Kelechi.

Following the sermon, the Ordinary President appreciates Alliance and Cedar-crest Hospital for their support to humanity through the brekete family Program. He proceeded to the update on a case involving a woman who accused a police officer Inspector Bulus of Apo for breaking her son’s leg. She claimed that no action had been taken to bring the perpetrator to justice, prompting her to seek help from the Brekete Family. The family has been diligently pursuing the case, and today, Dr. Ogedembe from Cedar Crest Hospital was present in the studio. The Ordinary President instructed the woman to bring her son to him so that he could assist in treating the boy, given his an orthopedist expertise. The woman revealed that the police officer had been transferred to a different location as the outcome of the judgment, and she expressed gratitude for his sponsorship of her son’s leg treatment since the intervention of the brekete family.

The Ordinary President proceeded to address another case, involving a young man who had suffered a broken hand as a result of a police officer’s assault. Dr. Ogedembe examined the injured hand and observed that it had already sustained significant damage since the incident in 2019. Nevertheless, he expressed his commitment to assist the victim in finding a solution to enable him to regain some functionality in his hand.

The Ordinary President acknowledged the support of the Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, who had generously offered five million naira to aid the complainant with the hand injury. In addition, the Ordinary President assured both complainants that they would be taken to consult with Dr. Ogedembe to explore potential avenues for improving the injured individual’s hand condition.