Mr. Kelechi starts with the sermon saying everyone have a self advantage over another that needs to be identified and develop to stand out. Emphasizing on self awareness, he speaks on becoming the best version of oneself so everyone should look inwards to discover and uncover our gifts.

Consultant Iyke proceeds with anchoring the program adding to the sermon given by Mr. Kelechi, he explains having unfair advantage making reference to some people who made the most of their unfair advantage. Attending to cases, he began with a case update of a man who alleges to have paid over 6 million naira to get a civil defense job but got neither the job nor a refund so Consultant Iyke calls the national public relations officer of the Nigeria civil defense officer on air but got no response that made him suspend this case until further notice.

Joy fills the studio as Consultant takes another case update of a young man who returns with gratitude to the brekete family and mostly the Ordinary President for helping him get justice. He briefly speaks on how his late father worked with the Nigerian custom service for 10 years without salary due to an issue that in his life time, he tried to get justice but couldn’t and died that even after his death, it seem impossible to still get justice until the intervention of the Ordinary President.

Then came a case of a man who alleges that he got shot by an officer who claims that it was a strait bullet. He narrates how a riot made people run that he joined in running for safety when suddenly a bullet hit him on his leg causing severe injury saying even his leg still have the bullet yet the police force is yet to compensate him duly nor pay for his complete treatment so Consultant Iyke calls an officer to report the case advising the officer to take responsibility for this and see that this man get justice.

Consultant Iyke then gives startimes the opportunity to market their products and afterwards got a call from an officer saying the controller general wishes to speak with the job complainant. Then he proceeds with hosting the brekete family partners of persons with disabilities as he uses the opportunity to hand over a lady having a disability to them. As Consultant brings the program to a close, he permits the team of federal competition and consumer protection commission to briefly speak on what they do and the services they render.

Consultant Iyke finally takes another case of a man and his fiancé who alleges that a woman duped them of over 11 million naira in the quest to process a Canadian visa giving details of how the money sums up to that amount as they now seek a refund of all the money they have put in processing the visa. Then Consultant Iyke closes with the final words from Akaramakala who addresses the public on the ongoing election.