The program begins with the Ordinary President calling on all Nigerians to put together our hands, hearts and heads to move the country forward saying how some Nigerian leaders use corrupt practices as a means to bribe God adding how the last hope of the common man is fearfully becoming the lost hope of the common man, he address the aged people to play a good role model for the coming generation. Advising the public to desist from the use of some things as they can become addictive.

The Ordinary President then handles the case of a young lady helped by a good Samaritan who brings her to the brekete family saying while jogging as usual in the morning, he met the young lady by the road side beaten and with the help of some vigilantes, he brings her to the brekete family. Opportune to speak, the young lady said she got beaten by her aunt who took her in as a house help and the beating came as a result of a missing phone, placed in her care which she tried to explain is with the aunt and not with her but accused, she wasn’t believe. So he calls on NAPTIC to hand over the young lady for them to intervene in the matter.

Then is another case of a woman who alleges that her late father worked for FCDA over 20 years and got allocated a land that he was trying to secure before his demise and for her trying to continue from where her late father stops have not been possible as some thugs hinder her with the backing of a police officer. The Ordinary President then calls the retired acting inspector general of police on air but got no response.

Then is the case update of a woman who alleges to have been involved in a business with one of her customers who have owed her for long until she came to the brekete family, and through the intervention of the brekete family, she have been able to get her full pay of 200,000 naira, which was all the balance owed her so she returns with gratitude to the Ordinary President and the brekete family.

After which is the case update of a man and his fiancés who alleges to have paid over 11 million naira through a travel agent to canada, after narrating how it all happened, the woman was called on air and given the grace of a month to get the exact amount she received from them and refund them some amounts. Being a day dedicated to the person’s with disability, the Ordinary President host the team of representatives of the persons with disability as they gave details of their upcoming international day of persons with disability.