This day happens to be a Saturday which is a day dedicated to the Nigerians in diaspora. After a team of brekete family members attended to some complaints outside the studio, the live program in the studio began with the Nigeria national pledge led by Consultant Iyke who anchors the program, then Mr Kelechi gave the sermon speaking on how to maximize the weekend; he advise listeners to spend time with their family especially busy parents who want to see their children grow into an adult they would be proud of, begins with how they mirror life be for that child so they should lead by example with their actions serving as a good role model to prepare the child for the future as even the school cannot do all the necessary education to deserving for a child.

Consultant Iyke begins with a complainant who alleges that her husband worked for a company and was involved in a fatal accident causing great damage on him as a survivor of three involved in the accident and costing her so much. She summarizes how it happened and how the company left her to care for her husband whom she have spent close to a million naira on to see that her he gets better but as time goes on, she couldn’t bare the burden alone and seeks the assistance of the company whom she alleged have been less supportive as they gave her an unfair condition to assist her that serves as an injustice to her so she ran to the Brekete Family to help her get justice. To this, Consultant Iyke calls the company supervisor on air to look into the woman’s case and was pleased with his response, he appreciates their effort so far and appeals for a positive response from them as the supervisor ends with saying he will try his best to see the woman gets justice.

The second complainant speaks and alleges that he was involved in the purchase and sales of a fake land from a woman who have refused to refund back the money nor compensate him with a genuine land that the issue have led him in trouble and remained unsettled since 2021 so he makes his case in the Brekete Family program to help him get justice. Consultant Iyke calls the woman on air to hear her own side of the story but there was no response as the woman did not pick her calls. Then he gives the Brekete Family academy time for their advert.

Afterwards, Consultant Iyke opens the telephone line to receive calls from the Nigerians in diaspora as they call into the program to give their own contribution into the program as well as giving some diasporas the opportunity to lay their complaints on air so they also get justice through the help of the Ordinary President. Before the program ends, Mrs. Patience who was called earlier returns the call she missed claiming the allegation laid against her is false and for that reason Consultant Iyke request her physical present in human rights radio station to give details of her own side of the story before a conclusion is met and she agrees to this upon her arrival in Abuja and so the live program came to an end with an appreciation going to the Ordinary President for providing this platform.