The program, was hosted by Consultant Iyke, followed by a sermon delivered by Mr. Kelechi Nkwocha, focusing on problem-solving through thoughtful consideration before taking action. Mr. Nkwocha emphasized the importance of slowing down, freeing the mind, and fostering a positive mindset for effective thinking, as it is through thoughtful consideration that humans can address and resolve problems. The message conveyed was to encourage individuals to sit back, think, and reflect, as thinking can lead to both solutions and resolutions.

Following the sermon, an update was provided by Madam Amina Saidu, whose late husband had served in the Nigeria Police. Ten years after his demise, Madam Saidu and her children had been facing hardships while attempting to claim her husband’s entitlements. Seeking assistance, she approached the Brekete family, and upon investigation by the police command, it was revealed that they owed her more than initially claimed. The case is still ongoing as additional documents are required to complete the process.

Another update came from Mr. Ayatu Yahaya, a truck driver who alleged that he worked for Homemade System Company Limited in Lagos for five years. After being involved in an accident with the company’s vehicle, which left him with leg injuries, he claimed the company only provided treatment for two weeks before abandoning and subsequently terminating his employment due to his inability to consistently report to the office.

In adherence to the program’s dedication of Saturdays to Nigerians in the diaspora, the next segment featured telephone calls from both Nigerians abroad and within the country contributing and sharing their complaints.

This transitioned to the announcements segment before concluding with the last case presented by Nsikak Emmanuel Ekwere. He alleged that while working for a certain company, he experienced an industrial accident resulting in the amputation of his fingers. As a consequence, he skipped work, and his salary was reduced. Seeking intervention, he brought his case to the Brekete family for the Ordinary President’s assistance.