Mr. Kelechi starts with the sermon encouraging everyone to train their minds and body to do the needful as he preaches on self investment, he advise on reading to enable one make an informed decision. Then Consultant Iyke who anchors the program takes a call from the Ordinary President as he contributes extensively to the sermon and advises on reading some books even as he recommends some books.

Beginning with a case update, Consultant Iyke listens to a woman who had alleged that her husband was killed by some SARS police in kogi state Nigeria. Briefly narrating how it happened and after bringing the issue to the brekete family, she was referred to a brekete family barrister who took her case and wrote to several top police offices but got no response. With regard to this a police officer calls Consultant Iyke on air to see the woman.

Then Consultant Iyke takes the case of a man who alleges to have worked as a driver for a transport company for over 10 years during which he was involved in a fatal accident while on duty that led to the amputation of one of his hands and the company offers him 20,000 naira but he refuses to accept it as a compensation for what happened to him so Consultant Iyke calls the manager of the company on air to address the issue. Thereafter, he quickly gives room to the active director policy planning and coordination for the national agency for the control of AIDS to address the public on her organization and the services rendered.

Consultant Iyke then takes the case of a widow who alleges that after the death of late husband, she got his death benefit from the police and wanted to invest it wisely so she decides to save the money in a fixed deposit in FCMB bank where she met the account officer who advises her to save it in a premium account and she did only to discover that her account officer was transferring her money to his own account claiming that’s how it works in the premium saving account. In response to this Consultant Iyke calls a staff of the bank to address the issue as she gave a positive response.

Then Consultant Iyke takes the case of an elderly man who alleges to have been duped of over 13,000 dollars due to trust. However, in response to this, Consultant Iyke apologizes to him saying brekete family won’t be able to help him so long as he haven’t realize his mistake. Afterwards, he opens the phone line to take in calls as many people call in making their contribution to the man’s case as he gives the closing remark and brings the program to a close for the day.