Mr. Kelechi began with speaking broadly on some things to do to stay unhappy, purposely to bring many out of that state of being unhappy for one reason or the other adding that one of the ways to get happiness is to give happiness and ending with saying we shouldn’t worry unnecessarily in life. Consultant Iyke who anchors the program adds to what Kelechi have said narrating a story to make his point, addressing individuals to do the needful in any given position so we all can have a desired Nigeria. Consultant Iyke takes contribution from Daddy Scaffold and proceeds with taking cases, beginning with a case update of a woman who alleged to have given a friend over a million naira for a specific car only to get another car different from their agreement and when she complained he claims to have given the car to one of his friend to sell for him and refund her money but got non ever since so Consultant Iyke calls a staff of FCCPC on air but got no response, so he suspends her case.

Next is the case of a woman represented by her niece who alleges that her Aunt staying in the UK saved over 7 million naira in her UBA account since 2019 and then trying to withdraw, learnt what’s left is 200,000 naira that after much efforts to get justice proof abortive. Consultant Iyke receives the call of a staff of FCCPC whom he reports the previous case to and this new case on hearing FCCPC can handle the situation so he refers the complainant to the commission and soon opened the call lines to take in public contribution.

The case of a married woman who alleges that she came in contact with a bishop who collected her two cars. She gave details of how her mother’s illness led her to the bishop introduced to her by her uncle and discussing her mother’s health to him, she got the response concerning her son as the bishop told her to sow her cars as seeds to keep her son alive saying someone is about to collect her husband from her and threatens that if she doesn’t sow her cars, she’ll loose her son and it was followed by a coincident that her son also fell ill at that time forcing her to immediately do as the bishop said after which she started struggling as both her son and mother were both ill. So Consultant Iyke calls a senior police officer to look into the case.

The case of a man who alleges to have worked as a security personnel in an hotel for years where he got a part payment of his gratuity after retirement but ever since is yet to get the balance of his gratuity. Consultant Iyke calls the hotel general manager to look into this man’s case which he responded to positively promising to look into it. Consultant Iyke then gives the brekete family academy members the opportunity to speak on their products and services as he brings the program to an end.