The program started off with the customary uplifting and heartwarming sermon delivered by the Ordinary President, focusing on the theme of productivity. Following the sermon, attention shifted to a case update involving a man who claimed to have supplied four trucks of cement to a company in Abuja since 2012 but had not received payment. The Ordinary President called upon the Federal Government to intervene in the prolonged case, expressing the urgency of the matter. In a gesture of support, he provided the man with N100,000 as a temporary relief until justice could be achieved.

As the program continued, a young Nigerian lady named Omega Mathew expressed her gratitude, attributing her success as a masseuse to the opportunities provided by the Ordinary President through advertising on Brekete family. She conveyed her appreciation for the positive impact on her business.

Another highlight of the program was an update on the case of a widow with four children who previously complained that her late husband’s brother had taken possession of crucial documents, denying her access to her husband’s benefits. The Ordinary President assured the widow of justice and offered her a life-changing opportunity by sponsoring her food processing and small chops training, including providing capital for her to start a food processing business afterward. Additionally, he gave her 25kg of rice and N20,000 for her immediate needs.

One notable incident involved a driver who found a bag containing valuable items left by a passenger in his taxi. The owner, expressing immense joy upon hearing the announcement on the previous day, promptly claimed the items. The Ordinary President appreciated the driver’s honesty with a sum of N5,000.

The program concluded with the case of elders from Enugu state, Owo community, who raised concerns about Igwe Godwin Okeke, the royal highness causing unrest and posing a threat in their community.