The Ordinary President began the sermon centered on sincere love for one another as he calls on all to stop being religious and tribality but to be righteous in our daily dealings. Citing many examples, he calls on Nigerians to work with one heart, one hand and one head to make Nigeria move forward and work better.

The Ordinary President revisit the case of an elderly man who alleges to have been unlawfully dismissed from his place of work, giving details of all that happened before and after his dismissal from work and the involvement of the Ordinary President. Then the Ordinary President attends to two calls while still in this case. He then opens the phone lines to receive calls and then fulfills his promise of returning a caller’s call today.

Then Ordinary President briefly advertises for a brekete family member and takes a case update of a young man he supported with a million naira as he alleged to have lost his goods worth millions of naira in a market shop. He returns to say the market association who was supposed to respond to the case are yet to respond.

In bringing the program to a close, the Ordinary President takes the case of a couple who are landlords to a tenant whom they alleged have refused to pay the house rent, locked the house and threatens to kill their son. Finally the Ordinary President takes the case of a young man who alleges that he owns the idea behind the agrivest reality TV show so the Ordinary President ask that he returns the following day to make his complaint as he ends the program.