Beginning with the sermon given by Mr. Kelechi, he speaks extensively in explaining how everything we do as a person counts and compounds to the result of what we get at the end of the day. Consultant Iyke who anchors the program then begins with the case of a young girl who alleges that she was involved in a fatal accident that happened when her motorcycle was hit by a moving ambulance vehicle belonging to the Karishi general hospital saying the accident affected one of her legs. Narrating how it happened and was taken to several hospitals after the accident, two people from the hospital only visited her with 200,000 naira support maximum despite the millions of naira spent for her treatment. Saying the hospital later ask that the victim writes a letter to the government hospital which they did but are yet to get any positive response. So Consultant Iyke calls the acting director general of the FCT hospital management board on air to look into the matter and was pleased with his response as he asks to see the complainants.
Then Consultant Iyke receives some complainants who came representing a woman who alleges that she was defrauded of over 30 million naira by a pastor who was introduced to her by her sister in-law. After some of their narration however, the case was put on hold to be treated off air.
Then is the case of a woman who alleges that her husband took her six daughters out of Nigeria when she wasn’t around. Narrating the genesis of her matrimonial problem, she went into details of what happened that now wants to leave her homeless and so Consultant Iyke calls her husband on air to mediate over the issue when the Ordinary President walks in to take over from Consultant Iyke and concludes with the agreement of both parties to resolve the matter off air.
The Ordinary President then takes the case of a widow who alleges to have lost her husband after a prolong ailment that she struggled to cater for his treatment before his demise so the Ordinary President supports her with some cash as he promises her of getting her late husband’s due benefit. Proceeding, the Ordinary President takes the case update of a woman who had alleged that she got duped by trying to assist a man with his desire to travel for Hajj. The Ordinary President then attends to two calls as he brings the program to a close.