Listen to how this man narrates a heartrending story concerning his brother’s demise. Alleging that some Airforce officers had gone to get diesel from a petrol station that day when the unfortunate happened. According to him, the manager had earlier received a call from the head of an Airforce officer notifying him (the manager) of his colleagues coming over to get diesel which he concurred to and just when the call ended, he stepped out to see the Airforce vehicle and asked for their coupon to proceed with giving them the diesel but they were unable to provide any coupon that led the delay of them getting diesel then the manager decides to call the accountant to confirm the purchase of the diesel before he proceeds.

In his narration, during the waiting period three other Airforce officers who were off duty worked into the station to greet their fellow colleagues in the vehicle and one of them decides to use the service of a local manicure who was called into the filling station to render his service and the manager knowing that will require sterilization of the equipment which implies using a litter to do so, he sites them and ran out to caution them directing them elsewhere for the safety of everyone but the officers took offense with his action that the manager had to leave them to attend to another client only to be attacked later as he makes a run into the administrative block for safety.

He continues his allegation saying his younger brother had gone out to get lunch that time and unaware only to return and see the officers attacking the manager so in his attempt to rescue him, the officers attacked his brother whom they first stabbed with a cutlass and shot twice so he dies. All efforts to get justice over a year since the incident happened have proved abortive so he makes his allegation before the brekete family to help him get justice.