This video captures the update of a widow who had earlier reported a case of an issue she have with her house. According to her allegation, she and her late husband had bought a house property in one estate where they lived for five years with no issue until the demise of her husband. Then she decided to rent out the house to enable her cater for the family and live in a more affordable place. Doing this became the issue as her tenants couldn’t live peacefully in the house because it has been sold out by the estate who claims not to know her as the owner of the house so he brought her cry to the brekete family to help her get justice.

She said after all the troubles, the intervention of the brekete family made the owner of the estate offer her two (2) options, to either buy the house again for over 70 million naira or collect back 15 million naira for the house as they later offered to add 3 million naira compensation to the 15 million naira if that happens to be her choice which is.