This is the harrowing tale of a man who found himself in a distressing situation involving his employment at a Lebanese company. He decided to take action and file a complaint against the company, based on a troubling incident that occurred one fateful day.

The incident revolved around a specific task that the man and his colleagues had been assigned by one of their Lebanese superiors. According to his account, they had completed the task as instructed. However, on that particular day, their boss became unreasonably furious and aggressive, seemingly dissatisfied with their work.

Despite their attempts to explain that they had completed the job as requested, their boss appeared too enraged to listen to reason. This volatile situation escalated, and the boss resorted to physical violence, physically assaulting the employees.

Witnessing the unjust treatment of his colleagues, our protagonist couldn’t remain silent. He bravely intervened, urging the boss to cease his violent actions. This intervention, unfortunately, only exacerbated the situation. The enraged boss, far from being calmed, turned his aggression towards the whistleblower and struck him on the head with a drawer, resulting in a severe head injury.

Seeking justice within the confines of the company proved futile, as the superiors were unresponsive to his pleas. Frustrated and desperate for recourse, the injured employee turned to Brekete Family, a well-known platform for seeking justice and assistance with various issues.

Today, he joins us in the studio to share an update on his journey to seek justice through the help of Brekete Family. He will shed light on the progress made and the support he has received thus far in his pursuit of justice.