The man in this video alleged to have invested over a million naira in an ugwu business that turns bad. According to him, he was about to retire from the organization where he worked, but before then was approached by members of an Ugwu Farmers Association who introduced the uwgu business to him with amazing promises upon investing over a million naira into their Ugwu Business which he thought of to be a safe idea considering his soon retirement. He said based on not having up to a million naira at that point, he borrowed 800,000 naira from his wife which she got from contribution and added it up to the needed sum of 1,654,950 naira which he invested.

Months later, after the investment and promises, he got no interest for his investment neither his capital invested and his wife began asking for her money, resulting to her falling sick so he tried all he could to raise back his wife’s money and paid her back but still yet didn’t get anything from the Ugwu Farmers Association as their excuse is they were faced with some Challenges. With this, the Uwgu Farmers Association where called to respond to the complaint against them.