This video features a narration by a young girl who claims that her older half-brother has accused her of practicing witchcraft and blamed her for his misfortunes. She describes how her brother engages in womanizing, drinking, and living a carefree life, which eventually led to his kidney failure. During his time of need, the girl says she cared for him despite him previously kicking her out of his house. She acted as a supportive sister during his challenging moments.

However, instead of gratitude, the girl alleges that her brother repaid her kindness by accusing her of being a witch, referencing an alleged confession she made when she was only 7 years old. She asserts that he not only verbally labeled her a witch but also went as far as sharing her photo on social media, falsely branding her as a witch. This act has caused significant damage to her reputation.

In her quest for justice, she turned to the Brekete Family for assistance. She hopes that they can intervene and help rectify the situation, as her previous attempts to address the matter with other family members have proven unsuccessful due to the absence of their late parents.