In this video, is the story of Sergeant Kalifa Zakari who shares his ordeal, alleging that he served in the Mopol 56 Ogoni, Rivers State, but faced unjust dismissal from the force. Seeking justice, he brought his plea to the Brekete Family. Through the family’s intervention, Sergeant Zakari was successfully reinstated, leading to immense joy and gratitude on his part.

Expressing his appreciation to the Ordinary President, Sergeant Zakari emphasizes the indescribable joy he feels after the intervention, especially considering his dismissal from the Nigerian police after 15 years of service. He mentions a medical issue that may have contributed to his dismissal, and it was the advice of friends that led him to seek help from the Brekete Family, which he saw as his last hope.

Sergeant Zakari acknowledges that before the Ordinary President’s intervention, he felt a sense of hopelessness, nearly giving up on the case. He expresses immense happiness for the impactful work done by the Ordinary President and the Brekete Family. As a result of the intervention, Sergeant Zakari is reinstated and is advised to promptly return to Rivers State to resume duty. Additionally, he is given N50,000 to purchase gifts for his parents and grandmother, a gesture he accepts with a grateful smile on his face.

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