In this video, is the continued case of Madam Blessing, who accused Pastor Prize Felix Aluko of redirecting her property and money. The pastor was invited to come give his on side of the story of which he honored the invites, as the narration was ongoing a call was put across to the woman making the complaint seeing she’s not in Nigeria. And a series of conversation ensued where the Pastor presented evidence to refute the allegations, asserting that the transactions were known to Madam Blessing’s husband. Regarding the car issue, the pastor claimed he was misled by Mr. Osita Ashara, a contractor, who had heard about the auction from Mr. Muhammad Ghana in Niger state. The Ordinary President ruled that the pastor needed to repay the full amount since he was enticed into the transaction.

In a surprising turn, it was concluded that the pastor was also a victim in the situation, and mediation was proposed because a lot of secret were being revealed. The Ordinary President contacted Madam Blessing to discuss the mediation process and instructed the pastor to engage with her husband.

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