This video recounts a deeply moving tale of a woman who claims to have fallen ill and urgently sought treatment at a specific clinic. Following a series of tests conducted by the clinic’s owner, she was presented with a bill of 20 thousand naira for her treatment. Pleading for a reduction, she managed to negotiate the cost down to 15 thousand naira. Subsequently, the treatment commenced, focusing on injections.

During one of her visits for an injection session, a different nurse was assigned to administer the injection. Strangely, after receiving the injection, the woman experienced a disorienting and alarming sensation. Troublingly, her hands began to swell, and her condition took a concerning turn.

Frustratingly, even after numerous follow-up appointments seeking answers about the post-injection effects, the woman felt that the nurse who administered the injection displayed a lack of concern. Her situation worsened to the extent that she had to undergo amputation of one of her hands due to the severe consequences of the injection.

In her emotional account, she detailed the interactions and conversations she had with the nurse responsible. Feeling unheard and disregarded, she reached out to the Brekete family, hoping to attain a sense of justice for the ordeal she had endured. The forum shed light on the fact that the nurse at the center of the controversy was actually an auxiliary nurse, adding another layer of concern to the situation.