This is a heart-wrenching story of a young man who claims to be an orphan and relies on odd jobs to make ends meet. Despite his challenging circumstances, he managed to save up some money with a noble intention in mind. His plan was to purchase a vehicle that would be lent to a driver in exchange for a stipend, which would be a mutually agreed-upon arrangement.

However, before taking this important step, he decided to confide in his pastor, a trusted man of God. But the pastor suggest he buys bike instead, and he gave the pastor the money of which he alleged they bought 2 bikes. Sadly, this trust was shattered when the pastor betrayed him. Instead of supporting him, the pastor’s actions left the young man in a state of despair.

Faced with such a betrayal, the young man sought justice and resolution for his plight. Despite numerous attempts to reclaim his hard-earned money from the pastor, all his efforts proved futile.

In his quest for justice, he turned to the Brekete family, hoping that their platform could help him find a resolution to this painful situation.