This video recounts the account of Mr. Michael Ogochukwu, who claims that he engaged in a business venture with Mr. Henry Onuoha. Allegedly, Mr. Ogochukwu entrusted the substantial sum of eighty-five million naira to Mr. Henry. The genesis of this transaction took place while Mr. Ogochukwu, residing in Sweden, decided to establish his own company in Nigeria. A mutual acquaintance introduced him to Mr. Henry, who purportedly received the significant amount under the guise of a contract arrangement.

The complainant proceeds to detail the unfolding of his business dealings with Mr. Henry, shedding light on the circumstances that led to him entrusting such a substantial sum of money to his business partner. And all effort to get back his money from the man proves abortive, that why he brought his plea to brekete family to help him get back his money from the Respondent.

Consultant Iyke put a call across to the respondent to hear his own side of the story to know the step to take for him to remedy the situation at hand and the respondent claims he is sick and that they should give him 3 days starting from the day the call was made to sought himself out before calling him back to talk properly about the issue. And consultant Iyke suggested they put the case on hold pending when they reach out to the respondent fully.