This video shares a very emotional story told by a young woman. She claims that she was taken to her family doctor’s hospital for treatment but ended up having one of her kidneys stolen. This doctor was her family’s regular physician. She talks about having trouble urinating five years ago and being taken to the hospital for treatment, but instead of getting better, she lost one of her kidneys and ended up with a swollen stomach.

But that’s not all; she also endured physical abuse from her husband despite her having a swollen belly due to her health problems. Because of the mistreatment, she eventually left her home, as her husband even broke a bone in her back by hitting her with a pestle. On top of that, her husband denied her access to their children, so she had to sneak to see them.

After hearing this heartbreaking story, the “ordinary president” pledged to help her find justice. As he immediately ordered that she be taken to Alliance Hospital for complete and proper treatment, and he promised to cover all the medical expenses.

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