Listen to the pathetic story of these children as they express themselves. According to the man, two of his daughters were taken to Ghana by a woman he doesn’t know and ask that they be brought back.

His daughter opportune to speak shares her experience of how she suffers psychological breakdown from being cheated in her school as she shares some of her feelings with her mother but fears to share same with her father who blames her for repeating her class. She said being in the class became even discouraging as they were not taught until she got tired of going to the school when her friend also introduces her to a woman who can take her to Ghana to be with her sister. She said she had also lost one of her sister during that period and decides to travel to meet her other sister in Ghana but unknown to her, the woman who assisted she and her friend’s travel had another agenda towards helping them as against them meeting with her elder sister.

Her friend also speaks of how she got introduced to the woman by this friend of hers saying she was serving as an apprentice in a salon before she learnt of the woman and chose to go with her friend. Her mother speaks and also shares a sad story of how she caters for her four daughters after her husband left her for not having a male child.