Watch the expression in the faces of these women whose kindness almost got them in trouble. According to them, finding two kids on the street caught their attention as they traced the children to a woman claiming to be their mother who narrates pathetic stories to them. Driven be sympathy, they assisted the woman and the children in cash and kind hoping to ensure her and her children are safe. They even went as far as getting a phone for her that requires registering a new sim but in the process, her response became suspicious as something doesn’t sit right from what she said. They also said their most reason for coming out to complain is for the sake of the children who seem not to be well taken care of by the woman who claims to be their mother.

Describing the woman in the studio, they were met with a shocking surprise as the ordinary president exposes the woman to be a long time professional fraud who uses children for her selfish interest as he also says she is not the mother of those children.