In this video, is a follow up of the case of one Mr. Emmanuel Ojonuaga  who presents a case where he accuses the recently launched reality TV show, Agrivest, of stealing and using his intellectual property. According to his account, he had conceptualized an agricultural-based reality show focusing on fish farming, poultry, and other agricultural activities. The winning contestant was intended to receive a cash prize or agricultural produce valued at N20 million.

Facing financial constraints to implement his idea, Mr. Ojonuaga sought partnership with the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN). After presenting his idea and synopsis to AFAN, they expressed interest and, in July 2023, informed him that they had secured sponsors to bring the idea to fruition. However, the partnership terms evolved to allocate 85% of the share to the sponsoring party and 15% to Mr. Ojonuaga as the original owner.

To Mr. Ojonuaga’s dismay, he claims to have been sidelined during the process, and the individuals involved allegedly seized his idea, rebranding it from Agrovest to Agrivest while retaining all the concepts he had shared with them. He emphasizes that he had already trademarked his idea.

Upon filing the complaint, the respondents, including Sani Danja and the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), were extended invitations to address the allegations against them. Following extensive deliberations on the matter without reaching a consensus, the cases were adjourned to a later date for a thorough investigation.