This video shares the heart-wrenching and compassionate tale of a young woman who fell victim to a brutal assault by a group of individuals while making her way home. The man accompanying her turns out to be her savior, encountering her in a distressed state at Zuba. Despite initial hesitation, he intervenes to rescue her. He recounts the ordeal, describing how his car was in central lock mode, but he still managed to stop and assist the injured girl. Upon learning she was a victim of a “one-chance” attack, he rushes her to the hospital.

Concerned about her well-being, he takes to social media to announce that the girl is safe after discovering her family had reported her missing on Facebook. The survivor recounts a chilling detail – she wasn’t the only sole target; another lady was taken alongside her. Tragically, the assailants killed the other woman as they couldn’t extract anything from her. The survivor’s escape is attributed to the criminals successfully withdrawing money from her account.

In her harrowing narrative, she shares how they compelled both victims to accompany them to a fuel station to refuel. The pain and anguish in her story are palpable, making it a truly poignant account of survival against the odds.

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