Watch how this man expresses himself with a plea to temper justice with mercy over an allegation of maltreatment his wife did to a 10 years old girl. According to the 10 years old girl (who was brought in by a uniform man alleging her Aunt maltreats her after seeing her condition), she said her Aunt poured hot water on her that caused the burnt on her back and fractured her hands that when she was brought, she was taken to the hospital where she got admitted for immediately treatment.

In response to the allegation, this man claims not to be in the know of all that happens in his house given the nature of his job that takes him out of the house early, and brings him back late. He alleges to have told his wife severally to return the young girl back to where she was taken from but she disobeyed until the incident happened. Agreeing to his wife’s fault, he said he wasn’t in support of what his wife did and pleads for justice to be tempered with mercy on his wife for the sake of their little son still crawling.