In this heartfelt video, is a story of a man named Denis Bago who shares a his experience from December 30, 2022. He recounts an incident on his farm where alleged greasing cows that were accompanied by a 15-year-old boy, who invaded his farmland. Observing the cows feeding on his maize, Denis, thinking the young boy was struggling to control the cows, decided to intervene. To his shock, three hidden brothers of the boy emerged and attacked him with cutlasses.

Denis managed to defend himself with the help of a passerby who joined the struggle. Despite their efforts, he eventually fainted, and no hospital at the time could attend to his injuries. He was later taken to Keffi Medical Center for treatment, where he discovered he needed approximately N400,000 for a crucial hand operation to resume his farming activities.

Expressing frustration with the lack of police assistance in recovering damages from the herders, Denis sought help from the Brekete Family. Consultant Iyke attempted to address the issue by calling the force headquarters for intervention, but unfortunately, they did not respond. In the interim, Akaramakallah urged the federal government, police force, and relevant authorities to take decisive action, emphasizing the challenges farmers face due to uncontrolled activities of herders. The plea is not only for justice for Denis but also for broader intervention to ensure the safety and well-being of farmers facing similar difficulties.

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