Beginning with Consultant Iyke who anchors the program, he speaks on the essence of teamwork to move forward in life as the existence of different people proofs the need for teamwork to achieve a common goal. Using the different musical tones that come together to make a music, he illustrates how teamwork make possible the desired result as a disorganized tone will make a noise but an organized tone makes a music. He says team work becomes difficult when nobody chooses to provide leadership. Making reference to the body parts working together that makes living easy, he encourages us all to ensure our existence is impactful. Then comes the case update of a man who alleges to have bought a plot of land from an estate company but got prevented from developing the land due to a high tension wire going through that land so he couldn’t build on the land, leaving him stranded until the intervention of the brekete family who mediates over the matter in seeking justice for him. After years of seeking a refund or compensation, the young man now returns with gratitude to the brekete family saying he have been fully refunded the 6 million naira paid for the land purchase. Pleased with this report, Consultant Iyke calls the estate manager on air to publicly appreciate him for keeping to his word as promised. To this, the Ordinary President calls in to appreciate this same man. Thereafter, was taken a new case of a group of young people alleging that in an hotel in Apo, they were lodging in an hotel where they were attacked by a team of robbers and unfortunately one of their friends was stabbed to death. Narrating how it happened, one of them who speak says they were running from the robbers who chased them into their room where their friend was stabbed and although he was still alive, he loosed lots of blood until the arrival of the police that when they tried rushing their friend to the hospital with the police van, the police delayed requesting for money to first fuel their car and after giving the police 900 naira change with them, their friend was rushed to the hospital but upon arrival he had lost lots of blood and given up the ghost. In regards to this case, the Ordinary President calls into the program quickly to ask that Consultant Iyke suspends the case considering how sensitive it is saying it will be deeply examined. Consultant Iyke then handles a family case represented by two brothers as one speaks alleging that after the death of their father, the family agreed that the older sons take over the transport company belonging to their late father to cater for the family (disclosing it to be an extended family). He says after the agreement and his elder brothers spent 17 months running the company, they refuse to cater for the family as they should and started claiming full ownership of the company, threatening to kill anyone who challenges them. He continues with saying he later became the one running the company and have been caring for the family but ever since, his life have been threatened and what he wants is for his elder brothers to remit the profit they got from the company during their tenure and the threat over his life should end saying even this case have been taken to court so Consultant Iyke ask that he writes a petition to the police concerning the threat of his life and continue with the court after hearing that the case is in court so he discontinues the case. Consultant Iyke opportune the team of Nigerian Institute of Town Planners to briefly introduce themselves and while the team lead speaks extensively on the organization saying whatever is desired in life, cannot be achieved without a plan. He speaks on the essence of planning to prevent lots of crises and even reduce sickness as he ends with the theme for the years as (learn globally but apply locally). In bringing the program to a close, Consultant Iyke gives the brekete family export partners to quickly speak on investing in exportation as a means of developing Nigeria and the pro-biotics partner to briefly speak on the products.