Time is what everyone have equally and how its used will determine what comes out of it in Life”, this is an extract from the sermon given by Consultant Iyke as he begins the program encouraging people to stop procrastinating and understand time cannot be recovered so everyone should make good use of their time.

Taking over from Consultant Iyke, the Ordinary President begins with a statement “men can be more principled but women are more prudent” as he highlights some lessons to learn from life. He proceeds with addressing some delicate issues still affecting the Nigerian economy and then exposes some challenges faced by people before attending to cases. Starting with a man who had alleged that his goods worth over a million naira was stolen from him, he narrates the efforts done so far and his experience with the Nigerian police which the Ordinary president appreciates and supports this man with a million naira loan to make him stable.

The next update received by the ordinary president was a case of a complainant who comes to appreciate the Ordinary president for his support to her and her family even as the Ordinary President gives a donation of fifty thousand naira to her brother and an additional fifty thousand naira for her up keep. Seeing her condition as he took charge of her health, he was pleased to see the improvement and for that reason reverses a punishment given to a breketerian.

The Ordinary President then welcomes a fresh case of a man who pays millions of naira in foreign currency for the purchase of some goods but ends up disappointed as he got no goods nor the refund of his money so the Ordinary president asks that he engages his lawyer again in this case to ensure he gets justice. After this is the case of an elderly man who alleges and narrates how he was unlawfully dismissed from his place of work years ago as he mentions a barrister familiar to the Ordinary President so with this regards his case is said to be handled by the barrister.

Then is another case of a police officer who alleges that he was serving as a sergeant in the Nigerian police in 2018 in Enugu state before he got posted to Abia state where he and another officer were instructed to rescue a captive from some cannibals which he did but got arrested and dismissed from work unlawfully after spending some years behind bars. The program also had a case of a widow who narrates how she lost her husband who was a police officer before his demise after which, her brother in-law took her husband’s property from her claiming that’s how its done according to their tradition so the Ordinary President calls the in-law on air and was told a representative of the family will be sent to say his own side of the story.