The program commenced with the recitation of the national pledge, a cherished tradition in the daily proceedings. The Ordinary President delivered a sermon highlighting the pervasive issue of corruption in Nigeria, attributing it to the root cause of the country’s leadership challenges. The Ordinary President also emphasized that the proportion of virtuous leaders is alarmingly low, with less than 30% deemed commendable out of a hundred. Urging present leaders to heed his wake-up call, he envisioned positive changes if Nigeria could be blessed with at least 40% upright leaders.

In his address, the Ordinary President expressed appreciation for certain present ministers, namely Olubunmi Tunji Ojo (Minister of Interior), Bar. Uju Kennedy (Minister of Women Affairs), and the Minister of Information. He hailed them as individuals contributing to the nation’s progress.

The Ordinary President asserted that rectifying issues within the civil service and police force would solve 80% of Nigeria’s problems. Furthermore, he emphasized that addressing concerns within the judiciary would lead to a comprehensive resolution of all problems, given their pivotal role in dispensing justice.

The sermon transitioned to a critical concern—the menace of “one chance,” where individuals who initially engaged in 419 scams progressed to more dangerous criminal activities. The Ordinary President cautioned against falling victim to these schemes driven by greed rather than spirituality. He detailed the cunning tactics employed by criminals, aiming to make the public aware and more discerning, especially during the festive season when people are vulnerable.

A skit was presented to elucidate the deceptive tactics used by these criminals, offering a clearer understanding of their strategies. Messages from various platforms, including YouTube and social media, highlighted the widespread experiences of people with such scams. The Ordinary President pledged to address this matter daily until 9:30, culminating in the proper handling of cases related to the issue.

During a call with Dr. Jummai Amadu, the Ordinary President’s sister, a historical note was shared: December 12, 2023, marked 31 years since Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida moved the government’s headquarters from Lagos to Abuja. The Ordinary President regarded Babangida as a commendable leader, acknowledging the difficulty in finding a leader of his caliber.

The program concluded with an update from Baba Shuaibu Abdulkarim, who previously presented a case about his unjustly detained son. Expressing gratitude, Baba Shuaibu thanked the Ordinary President for intervening, revealing that his son had been released. Despite another son still incarcerated for five years, the Ordinary President assured Baba Shuaibu that his release would be secured before the end of December 2023. Baba Shuaibu, despite facing personal challenges, appreciated the return of the money taken from him and insisted that no further financial contribution was necessary for his case.

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