Consultant Iyke who anchors the program for the day calls on everyone to wake up to their responsibilities and make no room for excuses knowing its weekend saying as long as we’re no longer small, everyone holds their destiny in their hands. He further says life comes in stages from childhood to adulthood and irrespective of the challenges faced, how we plan our life depends on what we become in life. Emphasizing on the essence of reflection, he advises that the weekend can be used to reflect on what has been done and what needs to be done.

Consultant Iyke gave opportunities to some brekete family members to contribute to the morning sermon and proceeds to announce the call line for diasporas since every saturday have been specially dedicated to Nigerians in diaspora to call into the program as he begins to receive calls and read out people’s comment

A case update of a young man who alleges that he worked with a company where he had an industrial accident leading to the amputation of his leg. He briefly says how he was told to carry two heavy blades on a motorcycle (what a car was meant to carry but  he was being forced to carry it), he did and became the accident victim and that ever since, he got dismissed from work and is yet to get due compensation so Consultant Iyke calls the manager on air to look into this case as he also receive calls and take in adverts.

Then is the case of a retired officer who alleges the Nigerian police force owes him ten million naira giving detailed narration that while working, he got involved in a clash that led to him being unjustly jailed for years until he got out of jail and then retired so consultant Iyke says he’ll go to the office of the police commission the following week to meet with the authority and get justice.

Consultant Iyke then calls on the young inventors to introduce themselves and their products from (Technology Incubation center for Young Minds) as they were invited to return on Monday to speak more about their product as Consultant Iyke brings the program to a close for the day.