The weekend program began with a sermon on recreation given by Consultant Iyke. He speaks of the essence of having recreational period and the various ways to go about it then he opens the phone line to take in contributions.

Then consultant Iyke takes the case of a woman who alleges that on the 25th of October 2023, she took her daughter healthy to school (boarding house) but on the 30th October 2023, she got an emergency call to come carry her daughter due to an ailment and when she went to see her daughter reacting badly to the medication given her. According to her, she rushed her to wuse hospital and was referred to national hospital where she’s still receiving treatment from the ICU and the school have showed less concern since the incident so Consultant Iyke calls the school vice principal only to be disappointed by his response to the case, then he calls Dr. Jumai Ahmadu to look into the case that this woman gets justice and was pleased with her response.

After this, Consultant Iyke takes a quick advert, more calls and the case update of a man who alleges to have sustained an industrial injury leading to the lose of one of his legs. He said after his case was aired, he got a call from the company managing director asking him to return to work so Consultant Iyke decides to call the company on air.

Consultant Iyke also features the brekete family partner (Agrivest) to briefly speak on the reality TV show starting today. Then he takes the case of missing persons beginning with a young couple who alleges that their four years old son went missing from the house where he was with his grandma. Then is a woman alleging that her son of over 30 years old also went missing narrating how it all happened so Consultant Iyke displays the pictures of the missing person’s online for the public to see if they have any useful information about the missing persons to report to the brekete family or to the nearest police station immediately.