The program commenced its usual proceedings with the national pledge and a motivational address from the Ordinary President, encouraging everyone to find happiness regardless of their challenges. A stern advice was given to be cautious of those around, as humans can be unpredictable.

Following the opening, Mr. Tor-tiv Njoku Kalu, the assistant director of the Police Service Commission and liaison officer with Brekete family, addressed Nigerians. He emphasized that the commission’s role extends beyond punishing errant police officers; it also involves recognizing and rewarding them when appropriate.

The spotlight then shifted to the case of Josiah Satil Nyelwat, a casual staff member at Plateau State Polytechnic Barkinladi, working as a lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering department. He claimed to have worked for sixteen years but faced issues such as the employment of a lecturer’s unqualified son and a lack of care for an accident he suffered while on duty. Josiah sought the ordinary president’s intervention, citing promises made by the management to convert his position to permanent, which had not been fulfilled.

This case prompted an idea from the ordinary president, leading to an election to determine the program’s schedule, with enthusiastic participation from both the studio audience and social media followers.

The program continued with the case of the Elders of Owo community in Enugu State, who were seeking justice against Igwe Godwin, a threat to their community. Despite receiving threatening messages since their appearance on Brekete, the ordinary president assured them of justice and reached out to Igwe Godwin, who declined to comment, citing an ongoing court case.

Another case involved Adaje Dickson, alleging non-payment after supplying diesel to GTBank branches. The bank responded, stating that the deal was with the security personnel and not directly with the bank.

The program concluded with concerns raised by Brekete Family and NURT taxi drivers, Kelvin Isagari and Eyogema Emmanuel, regarding the harsh treatment by V.I.O officials towards drivers and the perceived lack of government support. The ordinary president advised drivers on dealing with “Agbero” thugs and expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of V.I.O, promising to address the issue, especially concerning Brekete Family taxi drivers.